Model Organism Camp

WHAT: Model Organism Camp 

WHEN: July 9-13, 2018, 10am-3pm

 WHO: Designed for students aged 12-14 years old (completing 6th through 8th grades)

COST: $400 for the week

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Did you know the Buck is absolutely crawling with MILLIONS of worms and flies? And that we’re proud of it? Model Organism Camp is an academic introduction to the many model organisms studied by researchers at the Buck Institute. Through exploration of fascinating organisms like c. elegans worms and tardigrades (water bears), students will develop an understanding of the processes that underlie all living things and how we can study human disease in animals smaller than the head of a pin. This new program is designed for middle school students with a strong interest in science who are ready to spend the summer stretching their minds! Campers will engage in a mix of lab experience, background research, and hands-on projects to learn about the cutting-edge techniques employed by scientists at the Buck.


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