New Federal Funding

Buck research gets validated with the award of competitive government grants

Gordon Lithgow, PhDGordon Lithgow, PhD, recently received a $2 million five-year grant to be part of a national consortium to discover compounds with “robust pro-longevity activities” in invertebrate animals. The Lithgow lab will join researchers at Rutgers University and Oregon State in an effort to identify drugs that have the potential to be successfully tested in mice.

Simon Melov, PhDSimon Melov was awarded a $457,000 two-year grant to study gene expression and cell function in single osteoblasts, the cells which make bone hard and strong. The research represents a unique approach to osteoporosis, a disease in desperate need of new therapeutics.

Pankaj Kapahi, PhDPankaj Kapahi will receive $1.7 million over five years to study the role of circadian clocks in aging, especially in response to nutrient manipulation. The disruption of circadian rhythms is a risk factor for diabetes and cancer, but the underlying mechanisms involved in the links are unknown.

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