Grand Opening of Learning Center

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Learning Center Learning Center

Buck Trustee Larry Rosenberger and his grandsons Kyle and Tate cut the ribbon on the new Buck Learning Center on April 20. A $500,000 gift from Larry and Diane Rosenberger funded construction of the new 1,400-square-foot facility.

A new after-school/Saturday morning science program for middle and high school students and their parents is being planned for the new Buck Learning Center. Participants will learn the basics of genetics and run DNA fingerprinting gels. They’ll observe stem cell and brain cell cultures while being introduced to the promise of regenerative medicine. The program will also touch on forensic analysis, wildlife preservation and science aimed at helping humans live longer, healthier lives.

The hands-on program will kick off this fall. Information will be posted on the Buck website. Those interested in pre-registering for the classes should contact the Buck’s K-12 Education Coordinator Julie Mangada:

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