Learning Center

Learning CenterOur Learning Center is a a beehive of activity! It's where youth and students of all ages get excited about science and get the latest information about the ground-breaking work being done at the Buck  to extend HEALTHSPAN, healthy years of life, through research and education.

The center is dedicated to exposing children to science at an early age so that they can see that science is not intimidating, but fun and exciting and a career option for many.

The 1,400 square foot center is whimsical in design and color and chock full of scientific equipment aimed at engaging kids of all ages.  The center has 30 seats, microscopes, incubators for cell culture, laminar flow hoods, electrophoresis boxes and other equipment needed for the isolation and visualization of DNA.  Moveable lab benches enable instructors to reconfigure the room to accommodate various learning activities. 

Activities are designed to be hands-on and focus on the model organisms used in Buck Research – stem cells, yeast, worms, water bears, and fruit flies. 

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