Thomas D. Weldon


Tom Weldon has 35 years of senior management experience, primarily in the medical device industry, both early-stage and public companies.  He has started over a dozen companies, which in total have created over $2 billion in shareholder value. Mr. Weldon currently holds over two dozen issued U.S. patents for various medical devices.  He is the Co-Founder, Chairman and former CEO of The Innovation Factory located in Atlanta, Georgia.  Several of the companies that he helped found were considered the leaders in their market segments including Novoste Corp. (at its peak, had a market cap of $1.2B), Liposonix (sold to Medicis for $300M), Sebacia, and AqueSys.  He is also Co-Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of Accuitive Medical Ventures, established in 2004 as an early-stage medical device venture capital fund, which has over $225 million under management and is a top-tier performing fund.

Mr. Weldon received his MBA, Operations and Systems Management, from Indiana University in 1981 and his BS in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University in 1977. He was recognized by Purdue University in 2007 by receiving the Distinguished Engineer Alumni Award, the Outstanding Industrial Engineer Award in 2006, and the Burton Morgan Entrepreneurship Award in 2005.  He also received the Atlanta, Georgia Junior Achievement ImpACT Award in 2003. 

Mr. Weldon’s major philanthropic focus is the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering at Purdue University, established in 2004, and the Weldon Foundation, Inc.  He also serves on the boards of the U.S. National Junior Achievement organization, the advisory board for the Purdue University Industrial Engineering School, and the Buck Advisory Council for the Buck Institute for Research on Aging.

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