Rubar S. Sandi


In just over two decades, Dr. Rubar S. Sandi has created a company of global significance.  More than twenty years ago, Dr. Sandi realized the pivotal role of emerging markets in the global economy.  His vision, as well as his core business principles of leading through an informed strategy, capitalizing on market and urbanization trends, leveraging global supply chains, green building and sustainability, establishing clear project objectives and performance benchmarks, preserving history, heritage and culture, successful technology and knowledge transfer, among others, has been well rewarded and earned him credibility and trust by his peers and the many TSG employees.  

Under Dr. Sandi’s supervision and from Asia Pacific to Africa and the Middle East to the homeland, TSG has successfully overcome many challenges and exceeded expectations in providing the people of these markets with real estate and industrial development, information, training, financing and technology, which benefit their economies and aspirations.  In every market in which TSG has been active, the company has played a major role in the development of the private sector and, in the process, created thousands of work opportunities for local citizens.  

Working with governments around the world, Dr. Sandi has guided the restructuring of investments, creating profitable developments and steering economic infrastructures toward successful restoration.  Dr. Sandi has consulted with the United States and foreign governmental agencies, foreign policy experts, and global media outlets regarding the implementation of innovative management strategies which provide sustainable economic solutions to challenging regions of the world.  

Dr. Sandi manages a network of strategic partnerships and businesses responsible for creating new companies and organizations, restructuring existing companies, and transferring management, technical skills and knowledge to local markets.  


  • Member, Board of Trustees, The Buck Institute for Research on Aging
  • Member, Buck Advisory Council, The Buck Institute for Research on Aging


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