Why We Must Focus on Aging as a Disease

The Longevity Kitchen: Let Science Be Your Sous Chef

Buck Institute postdoctoral fellow, Carlotta Duncan, PhD, is producing a series of podcasts featuring in-depth interviews with Buck faculty members.

Brian Kennedy, PhD, CEO - March 2011

David Greenberg, MD, PhD - February 2011

Gordon J. Lithgow, PhD - January 2011

“Futures in Biotech” – a popular podcast series appearing on Twit.TV – is featuring a special 3-part series on age research. Co-hosted by Buck faculty member Simon Melov, PhD, the first program featured an interview with Buck CEO Brian Kennedy, PhD, the second program involved a conversation with Judith Campisi, PhD.  (Gordon Lithgow will be interviewed in February).   The interviews are available in both audio and video.

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