Peter M. Bennett


The first half of Peter’s career was spent focused on quoted or "listed" companies.  From 1989 he worked for Morgan Stanley Asset Management in London and developed multiple international investment products for U.S. pension fund clients.  This enabled him to work closely with development institutions such as the World Bank's International Finance Corp to launch the Turkish Investment Fund on the NYSE. 

His entrepreneurial ambitions led him to establish the BCM Emerging Market Funds in 1995.  He won many Micropal and Lipper Analytical performance awards despite the challenging investment environment for emerging markets during the late 1990s.  In fact, net of all fees and expenses, his fund rose 136% over a five-year period where the MSCI Emerging Market Index fell 13%.  During this time he also worked with the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development to bring private capital to the emerging markets of Estonia and the Czech Republic.

The second half of his career was spent in California valuing esoteric portfolios of distressed debt and building processes and procedures around these investments to build returns for investors.  The company experienced rapid growth and grew to having over 100 counter parties and a US$ 38m annual run rate.  Most of this business was sold in June 2012 to the largest debt buyer in Australia.

Currently he is Managing Director at Greenhill Global Limited where he shares his business development expertise with companies across many industries, including the hotel, media and technology sectors. 

Peter is a graduate of The Johns Hopkins University and The School for International Training in Berlin.  He currently divides his time between London and San Francisco.


  • BA, Philosophy, Johns Hopkins University
  • School for International Training, Focus: COMECON Economics, Berlin, Germany


  • Member, Buck Advisory Council, The Buck Institute for Research on Aging
  • Lipper Analytical #1 Award for Overseas Funds, 1998
  • S&P’s Micropal #1 Award for Offshore Territories, 1997
  • Micropal #1 Award for Offshore Territories, 1996
  • Publisher, Bennett’s Observations on Debt newsletter
  • Frequent guest commentator on CNBC, Bloomberg and other financial news media in the U.S., London and regional developing market networks
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