Patxi's Pizza Dedicates Learning Center

A new burst of energy came to the Buck Institute’s bustling Learning Center this summer thanks to a major gift from Bill Freeman, the CEO of Patxi’s Pizza and a Buck Advisory Council member.

Known for local philanthropy dedicated to education and children’s health and welfare, Patxi’s is working with the Buck Institute to develop special summer camps and scholarship programs to reach underserved children who would not generally have opportunities to be immersed in science. Plans are also being made for additional science education outreach through Patxi’s restaurants, with nine locations in the Bay Area and stores in Denver and Seattle.

Patxi’s CEO and Buck Institute Advisory Council member Bill Freeman said, “Given our mission of supporting children's education and welfare and the educational focus on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) curriculum, the Buck Institute for Research on Aging is the perfect partner.  Working toward a healthy life span for the children of today is a great way to ensure the world’s future. We’re very excited about the programming and opportunities the Patxi’s Pizza Learning Center will offer the Bay Area community and beyond.”

“We are thrilled that Patxi’s Pizza is making this commitment to children – to encourage their interest in science and to get involved in their own health,” said Brian Kennedy, PhD, President and CEO of the Buck Institute. “We love it when kids get an opportunity to interact with our scientists and we look forward to expanding our programs so we can reach more of them.”

The Patxi’s Pizza Learning Center is a 1400 square-foot, fully equipped, colorful, kid-friendly demonstration space for K-12 students, college students and life-long learners. State-of-the-art microscopes and cell culture allow students to do hands-on experiments that go well beyond typical school-based science classes. Learning Center activities are often tied to the science of healthy aging, encouraging children to be proactive in maintaining life-long health.

Photos from the ribbon cutting cermony and science party held at the Buck on August 12

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