Other Bioinformatic Services

The Bioinformatics Core offers additional services beyond data analysis, including:



  • Developing easy-to-use software in R, Matlab, Python, Perl, Java, etc. to automate laboratory analysis tasks
  • Programmatic access to public datasets like NCBI databases and the UCSC genome databases)


Visual representations of data are a key part of any publication. As an alternative to the relatively limited options available in tools like Excel, we can assist in creating personalized, sophisticated data visualizations. Furthermore, we can automate any such pipeline such that as the data changes, figures can be updated with only a few simple steps.


Understanding the methods and statistical tests behind Core services is important. We are available to organize and present seminars to train users in the principles behind, and the day-to-day usage of, bioinformatic software tools.

For more information please contact us.

The Bioinformatics Core team:
Director, Prof. Rachel Brem Phone: 415-209-2093
Manager,  Tal Ronnen Oron Phone: 415-209-6731  

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