North Bay Discovery Day 2013

This celebration will be the high point of the Bay Area Science Festival (BASF) in the North Bay. Families are encouraged to attend this fun interactive event – it’s all designed to get kids excited about science, math, engineering and technology.

K-12 Education Coordinator Julie Mangada, PhD, highlights Discovery Day activities on Sonoma County’s TalkingMP3

Parking is free. Exhibits range from wildlife to genetics to robotics. Here’s how to get to the Sonoma County Fairgrounds.

Saturday, October 26
11 AM - 4 PM
Sonoma County Fairgrounds
1350 Bennett Valley Road, Santa Rosa, CA 

Please download a flyer and share with your friends and family!

Discovery Day flyer in English
Discovery Day flyer in Spanish/Español


Agilent Technologies



Buck Institute for Research on Aging


Children's Museum of Sonoma County



BioMarin JDSU
Kaiser Permanente KBBF




Precision Crane SolarCraft Strahm Communications


10,000 Degrees
From Childhood to Changing the World
10,000 Degrees resources tackle the challenge of education and social justice in many ways. Learn about their programs for children and teens.

Advancement Via Individual Determination
College Ready
Learn about required high school classes for acceptance to California State University and the University of California, and the AVID program that supports students to graduate from high school ready for college.

Affinity Solar Energy
Living Off Grid in an Eco Village
Check out the solar-electric micro grid. 

Agilent Technologies
Cell Phone Signal Analyzer
"Hungry Birds" Slingshot 

Buck Institute for Research on Aging
LN2 Ice Cream
Learn about changes of gasses and the application of cryopreservation in biomedical research while using LN2 to make ice cream!

Scientist as Artist: Lab Artistry Revealed
Each uncommon image tells a detailed story of research, experimentation, biological mechanisms, and artistry. Learn firsthand from the Buck scientists who do the work!

Student Intern Projects
Buck Institute past high school Summer Scholars will demonstrate and describe research opportunities at the Institute for high school students.

Caltrans - San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Projects
Build a Self-Anchored Suspension Span
Learn about the challenges of building a suspension span over water through wooden models. Watch 3D slides of the Loma Prieta Earthquake and various building features.

Cardinal Newman High School
Creating Platonic Solids
Create models of platonic solids. Learn the definition of a platonic solid and some of its properties.  

Children's Museum of Sonoma County
Land Sailing Builders' Challenge
"Land sail" by creating an aerodynamic vehicle using simple materials. Test them in the wind to see how far your creation will sail.

Electric Auto Association, North Bay Chapter
Electric Propulsion
Check out the technology that powers factory and home-made electric vehicles. Learn how the drive train works and more.  

Enphase Energy
Grand Prix Racers
See how fast you can complete 5 laps of the circuit with this bicycle generator powered race track. The faster you pedal, the faster the cars go round the track.

PV Power: The Shadow Wars
Learn how light affects solar photovoltaic modules. Be a cloud, a bird or a UFO and see what happens when you block light from hitting a PV module.

Environmental Discovery Center
Tide Pool Creatures and Their Protection
Learn about tide pool creatures and how to protect their home.

Felidae Conservation Fund
Bay Area Mammal Tracks and Scat ID
Learn about local work underway to research and conserve bobcats and mountain lions. Learn how to track and identify scat.

Fred The Bubble Man
Giant Soap Bubbles
Blow giant soap bubbles and learn about soap, saponification, micelles, and how germs are inhibited by washing.

Girl Scouts of Northern California
Girl Scout STEM Activities
Learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) activities done by Girl Scouts.

Golden West Meteorology
Weather Exploration
Stop by for a simple discussion on how the weather works. 

Herbert Slater ROV Club
Remotely Operated Submersible Vehicle
Control an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle).

The Science of Light
Interactive displays demonstrating JDSU products in the visual, IR and UV spectrums. 

Kaiser Permanente
When the Doctor Treats You
Splint a simulated fracture, suture a wound in a grapefruit, and take your blood pressure with a health care provider.

Healthy Nutrition
Spin the wheel, and win prizes for answering nutrition questions. Learn about a healthy way to grow and thrive. 

Save Mr. Sim - Help in an ER Scenario
Assist an ER physician as he stabilizes Mr. Simulated in an ER scenario - exciting, hands-on experience.

KBBF Radio
What's a Radio Station Like?
Stop by to check out radio technology from the largest Spanish-speaking station in the North Bay. 

Kidscience Adventures
Optical Illusions and the Color Spectrum 
Make a simple but amazing optical illusion and experiment with the visible color spectrum.

KZST Radio
Kids' Choice Award!
Talk about your favorite booth on the radio.

La Tortilla Factory
Food Tech: Giving Tortillas Their Texture
Watch foaming pumpkins and learn about gas release reactions. Learn how baked goods get their structure from CO2 trapped in wheat gluten. Feel the rubbery texture of gluten and see how far it can be stretched.

Space Book Cub
Become acquainted with the Space Book Club, a community-based literacy and social program for kids, adolescents and adults.

Marin Medical Reserve Corp
How to Wash Your Hands
Wash your hands and place them under a UV light to see how clean they really are. 

Master Gardeners - Marin and Sonoma
Compost Critters 
Observe a variety of composting scenarios, including finished compost, live compost, and vermicompost. Use a variety of tools to discover creatures responsible for the transformative process of composting. 

No Starch Press
The Finest in Geek Entertainment
Check out science books with comic driven storylines, LEGO technic books, robotics, programming books for kids, etc.

Pacific Coast Air Museum
Huey Helicopter Display
Tour and learn about the history of the Huey. 

Pepperwood Preserve
What Animal Is That!? Identifying Northern California Wildlife
Identify animal bones, fur, and scat using replicas and photos.

Petaluma High School
Science Explorations
Check out oceans, space, and chemistry.

Walk-in Blue Whale
Find out just how big these gentle giants are! 

Piner High School
Geocaching and GIS
Learn about GIS, GPS, survey, and geocaching using Trimble Data Collectors to do ""bread crumbing."

Health Science and Biotechnology
Learn biotechnology lab techniques, and observe human anatomy systems using models and dissection.

Play-Well TEKnologies
Battle Track Competition
Modify and compete with a friend to create the ultimate battle track vehicle! A favorite activity from Play-Well's curriculum, battle tracks test the engineering know how of kids of all ages.

Precision Crane Service, Inc.
Moving a Helicopter Without Flying
Demonstration and display of the heavy equipment and controls systems used to lift, move and accurately position a UH-1 helicopter at the fairgrounds.

Strawberry DNA Extraction
Extract DNA from frozen strawberries under the guidance of high school student volunteers.

Rancho Elementary 4th Grade Students
Enter the Festival Art Contest
Participate in an art contest developed by 4th grade students in Ms. Nam's class at Rancho Elementary, Novato. Winning art will be published on the North Bay Discovery Day website, and students will be awarded a certificate.

Robert Ferguson Observatory
Sun Spotting
Specially filtered telescopes allow children of all ages to see the Sun. Spotting focusing and observing is all hands on.

Safari West Wildlife Foundation Jr. Keepers
Birds, Bugs and Bones
Check out collections of birds, bugs, bones, and snakes. The Jr. Keepers will demonstrate some of the things that they do and present information about some of the animals that they work with.

St. Joseph Health
Rethink Your Drink and Pulse Check 
Learn the sugar, salt and fat content of your favorite snacks and beverages. Match your drink visually with foods containing comparable sugar, salt or fat. PLUS: Check your pulse. It's as simple as a touch of your fingertip. 

San Marin High School: Penguin Empire Robotics
"Play Ball" with Robots
Check out robots that throw around a 4 foot beach ball, shoot basketball hoops, and throw frisbees. 

Santa Rosa Junior College - Agriculture and Natural Resources
Composting 101: Life Within the Pile 
Help build a compost pile on site, and learn about life within the pile. 

Santa Rosa Junior College - Chemistry Club
Puking Pumpkins and Other Messes
Check out the "puking pumpkin" and learn about chemistry. 

Santa Rosa Junior College - Donald and Sutter Laird
Soda and Mentos Reaction Show
Watch the demonstration of the diet soda and Mentos candy reaction. These shows were a huge hit at previous North Bay festivals.

Santa Rosa Junior College - Life Sciences
The Natural World - Inside and Out
Learn about natural history and examine human organs.

Santa Rosa Junior College - Math Club
CMC^3 Poster Projects
Learn about various research projects created by members of the SRJC mathematics club throughout the semester which are to be presented at the CMC^3 conference in December in Monterey. Research projects range from a Fourier transform analysis of Debussy's Clair de Lune to shape analysis of ferrofluids.

Santa Rosa Junior College - Physics Club
Physics Phun Time!
See physics in action! 

Santa Rosa Junior College - Robotics Club
Making Penbots!
Builda  simple robot with a motor and a pen - pen bots!

Santa Rosa Junior College - TEC Club
The "Sound" of Fire and Wireless Data
Demonstration of various properties of physics through projects built by The Engineering Club. Demonstrations include sound wave propagation using fire as the medium and data transfer through microwaves. 

Santa Rosa Junior College - Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)
Make Your Own Catapult
With a few household items, popsicle sticks, glue, rubber bands, and a plastic spoon you can make your own catapult. You'll get the chance to win small prizes by shooting beans into cups at different distances.

San Francisco State University - Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies
What's Under the Dock?
Discover what organisms live under the docks in San Francisco Bay. What do they look like? What do they feel like? How are they related to humans? What do scientists learn about them?

Solar Schoolhouse
Rediscovering Solar Energy
Experience the power of sunshine through solar etching, assembling a solar fountain, and baking a clay medallion in a solar oven.

Electric Power from the Sun
Experience how the power of the sun can be used to create electricity! 

Sonoma Clean Power
Generating Electricity
Learn how the electricity "grid" works.

Sonoma County Beekeepers' Association
Worker Bees In Action
Observe bees producing honey, and see the inside of a hive.

Sonoma County Birding
Binocular Boot Camp: A Bird's Eye View Into Citizen Science
Celebrate our feathered friends and Sonoma's good nature through binoculars and birding field guides. Observation, differentiation and awareness of the resident species we coexist with.

Sonoma County Department of Health Services
Brush Up: It's All About The Tooth!
Learn about how beverage choices and how sugar affect teeth and oral health. Drill into a fake tooth or complete a composite filling on a tooth.

Sonoma County Library
Coding Camp for Kids: Minecraft Mods 

Sonoma County Radio Amateurs
Amateur Radio Communications
Learn about amateur radio, from Morse code to digital communications. 

Sonoma County Water Agency
Russian River Salmon
Make gyotaku, or salmon prints, to take home.  

Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) District
Meet an Engineer
View SMART Train engineering documents and meet one of the young engineers working on the SMART project.

Sonoma State University - School of Science and Technology
Walk Through the Watershed
View insects under a microscope that are common to the local watershed. Learn how animals use the local watershed by drawing a food web. Learn how to draw animals in a watershed with step by step instructions. Hold live insects and learn about plants and animals in our local watershed.

The Space Station Museum
Explore Outer Space
See a real space suit and try on its space gloves. Touch a large meteorite that hit earth 5,000 years ago. Build a paper space shuttle. Launch a rocket fueled only by vinegar & baking soda. View the Sun through a solar telecope.

Stanford University: Gilly Lab - Squids4Kids
Dissect the Humboldt Squid
Dissect a squid and learn about its anatomy. 

Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods
Exploring Watersheds: Basins of Connections
Come explore this hands-on watershed model. Find out which local watershed you live in using a map.

Technology High School - Robotics Club
Robots Rule!!
Demonstration of 2012 and 2013 FRC robots by Tech High Robotics, and a static display of a prototype underwater ROV to be built for the 2014 MATE competition.

UC Berkeley - Lawrence Hall of Science: Inventor's Lab
Fly High
Create your own flying machine and test it in the wind tube.

Marble Machines
Ramps, lifts, tubes, jumps! Design your own system of getting from Point A to Point to Point B, following some really cool paths in between.

UC Cooperative Extension - Marin
Don't Move Firewood: Pest Passports
"Camp" at Yosemite, Yellowstone, Niagara Falls, or the Ozark Mountains. 

UC Davis - Bodega Marine Laboratory
Tide Pool Touch Tank
Touch and learn about tide pool animals collected from the Sonoma County coastline.

UCCE Sonoma County 4-H 
Twirling Tornado
Learn about tornadoes with a tornado in a bottle.

UCCE Sonoma County 4-H - Science, Engineering, Technology
Junk Drawer Robotics
Build "Arty - The Senseless Drawing Vibrobot," a plastic cup robot that spins around and draws on paper.

Sonoma County 4-H - Wildlife
Life Cycle Dial
Come by and make a life cycle dial for a ladybug, frog or butterfly.

Veolia Water of North America
How Microbes Keep Our Water Clean
Discover microscopic life forms that keep our water clean. Identify stalk ciliates, free swimming ciliates, rotifers, and other micro populations.

Spin the Wheel of Wildlife
Become aware of animals in your area and how to "live well with wildlife."

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