National Geographic Channel's Breakthrough series features the Buck

“The Age of Aging” premieres at 9 pm on Sunday November 29th 

“The Age of Aging” – directed and narrated by Ron Howard – is expected to be a “tour de force” program which will showcase the progress and promise of research on aging.  It will feature a “who’s who” of scientists in the field and the Buck is included in the mix.  

The six-part Breakthrough series (which kicked off November 1) is being done in partnership between the National Geographic Channel and GE – and is billed as “a revolutionary new series about scientific explorers from leading universities and institutions and how their cutting-edge innovations and advancements will change our lives in the immediate future and beyond.”  

Buck President and CEO Brian Kennedy traveled to Los Angeles and Chief Academic Officer Gordon Lithgow went to London to do press interviews for the “Age of Aging” which poses (and answers) this question: “Can we move beyond treating individual diseases and instead treat the aging process itself? A loose-knit group of researchers believe the real breakthrough is extending our healthspan – the period of life free from disease.”

Here’s an interview with Ron Howard talking about the program. Here’s a clip about the Buck Institute. And finally --Buck faculty Simon Melov was in this trailer for the series.

How to watch the program locally:

On Comcast cable, go to Channel 273

On Direct TV, go to Channel 276

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