Maher Kaddoura


Maher Kaddoura is a management consultant, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and visionary social entrepreneur who believes in achieving more for many with less.  Upon his retirement as the managing partner of Accenture in the Middle East, he established a portfolio of professional services firms, each of which became a leader in its sector (strategy consulting, system integration and training).  He founded nexmtove, a leading management consulting firm which was acquired three years ago by Huron Consulting Group, a U.S.-based company listed on NASDAQ.  He served as an Advisor to the CEO on global expansion. He has recently established his own fund, Qnnekt Capital, to invest in the knowledge economy space.

Maher Kaddoura is also a social entrepreneur establishing programs in Jordan such as Hikmat Road Safety, a program to reduce the percentage of road deaths and injuries in the Kingdom of Jordan; Mal3eb, which built 1,200 football playgrounds in public schools; LGHarat, a national neighborhood football championship involving 500 neighborhoods; New Think, programs designed to inspire and inform audiences with new ideas and motivate them to take the next step (includes an annual summer festival, a winter theater and ongoing smaller events including studios and debates); Start Alliance, a group of organizations allied to make Jordan more entrepreneurial and innovative; Meydan, a new age accelerator focused on reducing the time from idea to revenue (I2R); Sherkitna, a program to promote entrepreneurship among Jordanian students which now includes 650 school companies in its portfolio; Meqdam, a program to plant the seeds of leadership in our youth using edutainment.  Moreover, he serves on a number of advisory boards of universities, NGOs and private sector companies.


  • Member, Buck Advisory Council, The Buck Institute for Research on Aging
  • Founder, Hikmat Road Safety
  • Founder, Mal3eb
  • Founder, LGHarat
  • Founder, New Think
  • Founder, Start Alliance
  • Founder, Meydan
  • Founder, Sherkitna
  • Founder, Meqdam
  • Member, numerous advisory boards of universities, NGOs and private sector companies
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