Christopher Creber


Christopher Creber is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor.  Starting his career as an IT consultant, he worked in Canada and internationally.  He spent time working in Iran as an Expert Consultant for the United Nations.  Later he grew his company into a software development consultancy with offices in Ottawa and Toronto.  After divesting of his company, he moved to Russia for a year, working as a consultant. He then moved to London, where he worked for IBM as the Emerging Business Executive for Linux Desktop in Europe, Middle East and Africa.  After four years at IBM, seeking a new challenge, he moved to Shanghai, and over the next three years established an emerging technology incubator.  He provided seed funding, guidance and executive services to early-stage tech entrepreneurs.

After returning to Canada, Mr. Creber funded a digital media company and became its CEO, living in Los Angeles for one year. After returning to Canada, he became fascinated by the science of longevity research and determined to refocus his career on working to advance the funding of businesses in this field.  Following two years of self-education learning some of the underlying science, he is in the process of building a venture fund exclusively for research-backed longevity products and services.

In between his business ventures, he did some freelance journalism, traveling throughout the Balkans in 2000 and in 2003 spending one month in Iraq.

He has also served in the Canadian military, earning his commission as an Army Officer.  He is currently living in Vancouver.

He studied physics at the Royal Military College of Canada and at Queen’s University.

Mr. Creber loves to travel, has visited over 70 countries and lived in five, and is an avid technical scuba diver.

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