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The Buck Impact Circle is a perfect example of impact philanthropy in medical research—providing seed funding to encourage greater financial support from other sources as well as to bringing donors close to the scientists they support.

How it works:
Each year members of the Impact Circle are presented with a number of projects that focus on “dream big” research projects – these are collaborations between multiple labs that are usually too early for government funding, but where seed funding would help to fill the gap. Donors give $5000 per vote (sometimes split among couples) and the money is pooled to fund a single project. This project is chosen by the Circle through two rounds of voting and presentations from the scientists.
Impact Circle members come to the Buck throughout the year to meet with the scientists who are carrying out the research to receive updates on the project.

The Impact Circle lives up to its name
The Impact Circle’s first award of $85,000 to faculty Judith Campisi and Julie Andersen for work on “Cancer and the Aging Brain” enabled them to obtain preliminary data that resulted in a successful $533,000 federal grant application to study environmental toxins and their potential link to senescence-related neurodegeneration in Parkinson’s disease.

An Impact Circle-funded collaboration between the Bredesen and Kennedy labs focusing on ApoE4, the largest genetic risk for Alzheimer’s, led to the publication of a ground-breaking study in The Journal of Neuroscience and is spurring ongoing drug development for Alzheimer’s disease and aging. 

The Impact Circle has also funded a collaboration between the Kapahi and Andersen labs investigating an intriguing link between diabetes and Parkinson’s disease involving toxic molecules called AGEs, which are formed when proteins and lipids are exposed to sugars.

For more information or to join the Impact Circle contact:
Lisa Palma
Director of Donor Relations
415-209- 2027

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