Buck Ambassadors Council

Global Emissaries for the Buck Institute

The Buck Ambassadors Council (BAC) was founded in 2010 to create a global network of advocacy for the Buck Institute and our mission. Council membership comprises a diverse group of individuals from around the world and includes leaders in government, business, finance, pharmaceuticals, law, philanthropy and other fields. Many have served as advisors to governments, universities, public commissions and nonprofit organizations. As BAC members, these leaders advise us on strategic priorities, serve as informal ambassadors to raise the visibility of our achievements, and set the pace for philanthropy at the Institute. Members enjoy the intellectual stimulation proffered at the meetings as well as opportunities to network with industry leaders and policy makers from around the world. Many gain new friendships, cross-cultural ties, and professional and philanthropic connections through BAC membership.

Member Activities

At BAC meetings, members participate in talks and panel discussions with faculty and other global experts on aging, disease and health care to stay abreast of research developments at the Buck and the dynamic context in which we work.

In addition to attending meetings, members may provide introductions to individuals, media, institutions and companies that are key to new research initiatives and financing resources. We turn to the Council for ideas to promote the Institute as a world-class leader in research on aging and age-related diseases. Membership in the BAC is a one-year term, renewed annually.

The Buck Ambassodors Council is at the center of an expanding global community that informs our perspective and the urgency with which we work toward our mission: to increase healthspan through research and education.

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