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Spring 2014 BAC Conference Recap

The Spring 2014 Buck Advisory Council conference held last month on our campus was declared a resounding success by both BAC members and Buck staff alike.  We hosted 125 people, comprising 50 BAC members plus spouses/significant others and special guests.  This is the largest BAC meeting convened to date.  Thanks to all of you who attended for making the meeting such a grand success.

The highlight of the Sunday night celebration was the presentation of the 2014 Buck Advisory Council Humanitarian Award to Mrs. May Makhzoumi, whose foundation in Lebanon provides vocational training, healthcare and micro credit loans to Lebanese poor and working poor.  Since inception, the foundation has impacted an astounding 15 percent of the citizenry of Lebanon.  As if that were not enough, the Makhzoumi Foundation responded early to the crisis in neighboring Syria by joining relief efforts for the 1.3 million refugees who have crossed their shared border into Lebanon.  The Makhzoumi Foundation was the first in Lebanon to partner with the UN Refugee Agency to provide emergency aid to these vulnerable refugees.  At present, her organization provides support to about 60,000 refugees each month.  It was our privilege to honor Mrs. Makhzoumi with the 2014 Humanitarian Award.

Global Emissaries for the Buck Institute

The Buck Advisory Council (BAC) was founded in 2010 to create a global network of advocacy for the Buck Institute and our mission. Council membership comprises a diverse group of individuals from around the world and includes leaders in government, business, finance, pharmaceuticals, law, philanthropy and other fields. Many have served as advisors to governments, universities, public commissions and nonprofit organizations. As BAC members, these leaders advise us on strategic priorities, serve as informal ambassadors to raise the visibility of our achievements, and set the pace for philanthropy at the Institute. Members enjoy the intellectual stimulation proffered at the meetings as well as opportunities to network with industry leaders and policy makers from around the world. Many gain new friendships, cross-cultural ties, and professional and philanthropic connections through BAC membership.

Member Activities

Each year, we convene two BAC meetings: in the San Francisco Bay area in the spring and in a foreign destination in the fall. At these meetings, members participate in talks and panel discussions with faculty and other global experts on aging, disease and health care to stay abreast of research developments at the Buck and the dynamic context in which we work.

In addition to attending meetings, members may provide introductions to individuals, media, institutions and companies that are key to new research initiatives and financing resources. We turn to the Council for ideas to promote the Institute as a world-class leader in research on aging and age-related diseases. Membership in the BAC is a one-year term, renewed annually.

The Buck Advisory Council is at the center of an expanding global community that informs our perspective and the urgency with which we work toward our mission: to increase healthspan through research and education.

Buck Advisory Council Awards

The Buck Advisory Council presents awards to exceptional individuals whose work directly or indirectly contributes to the mission of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. The Buck Institute is the first nonprofit, independent research facility in the United States focused on Geroscience, which addresses the connection between aging and chronic disease.

The Scientific Achievement Award recognizes individuals involved in research that contributes substantively to the issues of aging and age-related diseases around the world.

The Global Humanitarian Award honors individuals who have distinguished themselves through outstanding philanthropic efforts contributing to the alleviation of human suffering by reducing the impacts of disease or promoting health.

We invite inquiries about membership in the BAC. For more information about this global leadership group, please contact Jan King, Director, Buck Advisory Council, jking@buckinstitute.org, +1.415.209.2037.

  As a BAC member, I am exposed to the Buck Institute’s cutting-edge research; my membership also allows me to interact with industry leaders and policy makers from all over the world.  
-- Mark Cutis, Chief Investment Officer, Special Situations, Abu Dhabi Investment Council
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