Chemistry & Mass Spec

The Chemistry Core provides centralized analytical and chemistry support for Institute scientists. The core’s laboratories employ advanced technology and expertise to enable researchers to carry out their research efforts to understand disease and aging processes at the molecular level. Core instrumentation can analyze and characterize an assortment of small to large biologically relevant molecules such as proteins, peptides, glycoconjugates, oligonucleotides, and drugs. Currently, the Chemistry Core focuses primarily on the use of modern mass spectrometry and associated methods to sensitively and rapidly provide in-depth structure information.

The Chemistry Core includes the following facilities:

The Mass Spectrometry Laboratory consists of several mass spectrometers and chromatographic support capabilities. We have added GC/MS capabilities for small molecule analysis and an ion-trap mass spectrometer to our already existing MALDI-TOF and electrospray Q-TOF instruments that are primarily used for peptide and protein characterization.

The Proteomics Laboratory provides in-depth characterization and identification of large proteins or peptide mixtures in a high-throughput fashion. Using new bioinformatics and robotic approaches, the Proteomics Lab is capable of high-throughput analysis of very complex biological samples containing hundreds to thousands of proteins.

Key Staff:
Brad Gibson, PhD, Professor and Director
Birgit Schilling, PhD, Staff Scientist

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