Buck Institute Hires First Director of Business Development

July 10, 2006  Remy Gross, III has joined the Buck Institute’s as its first Director of Business Development. He will work with James Kovach, MD, JD, President and Chief Operating Officer, to identify further development opportunities for the Institute’s technologies and inventions.

Gross has significant expertise in the biopharmaceutical field in the areas of technology creation, licensing, and the development and commercialization of new technologies. Most recently he was Vice President for Business Development for Nektar Therapeutics in San Carlos, CA. He also has worked as a consultant with a number of biopharmaceutical and technology platform firms in technology and product development, in/out-licensing, portfolio development and regulatory matters.

“I am impressed with the technologies under development at the Buck,” said Gross, “I am also excited about their potential to meet the real needs of our aging population.” He added, “There is a plethora of potentially promising ideas on the table at the Institute, from biomarkers for cancer to the possible use of human growth factors to treat neurodegenerative disease; I look forward to supporting the faculty and their research by identifying additional resources and forging relationships that will move possibilities from the lab bench to the patient’s bedside.”

“Remy will play a key role in our efforts to expand the Institute’s role in changing the future of medicine by extending the healthy years of life,” said Kovach. “We are maturing technologies within our laboratories that could someday be suitable to spin off into new companies or license to the biotechnology or pharmaceutical industries; Remy will help us fulfill our mission by finding the people, the companies and the organizations to partner with the Institute in the years ahead.”

The Buck Institute is the only freestanding institute in the United States that is devoted solely to basic research on aging and age-associated disease. The Institute is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to extending the healthspan, the healthy years of each individual’s life.  The National Institute of Aging designated the Buck a “Nathan Shock Center of Excellence in the Biology of Aging,” one of just five centers in the country.  Buck Institute scientists work in an innovative, interdisciplinary setting to understand the mechanisms of aging and to discover new ways of detecting, preventing and treating conditions such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, cancer and stroke.  Collaborative research at the Institute is supported by new developments in genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics technology.

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