Benz Lab Members

Chris Benz

Mariah Alejo
Dominican Master's Student

Beatrice Becker
Dominican Master's Student

Beatrice has joined the Benz Lab as a Master's student, and her research is focused on Proline Dehydrogenase (PRODH).  Prior to joining the Benz Lab, she synthesized DNA for a Biotech company and worked in the mortgage industry.  Beatrice enjoys cooking, traveling, speaking different languages and dancing!

Mauricio Ortega
Research Associate I

Mauricio just graduated with a Master's Degree from Dominican University of California.  He worked as a graduate student in the Kapahi lab and his research was focused on characterizing apoptotic cell clearance factors in the intestinal tract of fruit flies.  In his spare time, he enjoys hanging with friends, playing outdoor sports and watching football.

Mark Powell
Visiting Scientist

Gary Scott
Senior Staff Scientist

Ricki Singer
Administrative Lab Coordinator

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