Bay Area Science Festival 2011

Bay Area Science FestivalIt’s time to “unleash your inner scientist” at the first-ever annual celebration of the Bay Area’s unparalleled leadership in science and technology. The 10 day festival, scheduled October 29th – November 6th, will provide a wide range of science and technology activities – lectures, debates, exhibitions, workshops, etc. – at a variety of locations throughout the Bay Area. Check out the North Bay BASF Calendar for events near you.

The Buck Institute is a sponsor of the BASF and is playing a key role in coordinating activities in the North Bay. The local highlight will be the North Bay Discovery Day at Infineon Raceway on Saturday, November 5th from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.  Festival activities will be free. Families are encouraged to attend together. With as many as 40 exhibits, kids will have opportunities to build catapults and airplanes, use liquid nitrogen to make ice cream, play with robots, extract DNA, and go on a GPS-based “hunt.” The goal: to encourage interest in science, technology, engineering, and math.

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Buck Institute “Wonder Dialogue”
Join the Conversation as We Ponder: Can We Live Forever?
Wednesday, November 2nd
7 – 9 PM Drexler Auditorium

This is an exploration of aging and regenerative medicine. Stem cell therapies hold great promise as potential therapeutics for a whole host of diseases. How far are we from the clinic? What are we discovering about the aging process that impacts efforts to extend lifespan? Will there ever be a “fountain of youth”?  …and should we pursue it?

Moderator: Brian K. Kennedy, PhD
President and CEO, Buck Institute for Research on Aging

Gordon Lithgow, PhD
Professor, Buck Institute for Research on Aging; Director of the Buck Institute’s Interdisciplinary Research Consortium on Geroscience

Victoria Lunyak, PhD
Associate Professor, Buck Institute for Research on Aging


Other Buck Institute Events:
A cadre of Buck scientists will be going into Marin and Sonoma County classrooms during the BASF. We also expect a few school buses to pull up at our front door for special tours.

Buck faculty Julie Andersen, PhD, and Julie Mangada, PhD will speak at the CIRM Patient Advocacy Day on October 29 at Sonoma State, Combating the Challenges of Aging Through Stem Cells.

Buck faculty Sean Mooney, PhD, the director of our bioinformatics program, will discuss genetics and personalized medicine on November 3 at Sonoma State.

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