Buck Launches New Membership Program

Additional Benefits Include Exclusive Online Access to Scientific Presentations

Buck Institute MemberDonors can now join the Buck in an exciting new membership program that builds on the foundation of the existing Acorn Society, while adding a variety of informative and exclusive features.

In the past those involved with the Buck came mostly from the local community. Today there is growing interest in the Institute outside of the North Bay -- from  across the U.S. as well as from people in many foreign countries.

“There is increased awareness of the important role the Buck is playing in global health. We want to find better ways to keep our valued friends close to us and better informed about our scientific discoveries no matter where they live,” said Masha Shifs, Director of Regional Development.

“We plan to use technology to help us enhance access to information and learning opportunities for Buck Members as we enlist their support in funding our research programs, educational activities and expansion projects,” she said.

The Buck has a long history of engaging with the public. Formed in 2004, the Acorn Society has nearly 500 current members; donors contributing gifts of $250 or more annually are invited to special luncheon presentations where they get updates on scientific developments before public announcements are made. They also receive preferred seating at Community Seminars and other Institute events. These benefits will continue to be an integral part of the new membership program. 

Current Acorn Society members will automatically become Buck Members and the established donation for membership will not change.

Members who are unable to attend the luncheon presentations, due to scheduling conflicts or geographic challenges, will be now be able to “virtually attend” by accessing videos of these presentations online. Buck Members will receive a special password to access exclusive information via the Buck website. They will also receive flash emails highlighting important Institute announcements. “We want to keep our supporters connected, informed and empowered, enabling them to keep abreast of all Buck activities and ways they can embrace healthy aging,” Ms. Shifs said. “Furthermore, they can use our secure and private membership web portal when making contributions.”

In addition, a donor wall will be installed in the lobby of the Institute to honor Members making an annual contribution of $500 or more.  Members will also be prominently acknowledged in the Institute’s annual report and each will receive a unique new membership lapel pin as a visible token of appreciation.

“The personal touch is the hallmark of a successful membership program.  We know our donors and celebrate special occasions with them. Many make more than one gift to the Buck in honor of loved ones, graduations and birthdays. Some even provide a gift of membership for a friend or other family members,” said Shifs.

The Buck is striving to maintain its current high-level research projects, expand its capacity to address new areas of study, add new scientists and equipment, and increase its educational outreach. All the activity adds up to a corresponding need for increased funding.

“We also intend to grow by working hard to increase our donor base so we can finish constructing the remaining buildings in the campus master plan,” said James Edgar, Chairman of the Buck Institute Board of Trustees. “Members are extremely important to us. They comprise our primary grassroots organization providing the financial aid needed to achieve important objectives. This is an exciting time to get involved with world-class science – it’s the perfect time to become a Member.”    

For more information, contact Maureen Reyes in the Resource Development Department, at 415-209-2053 or mreyes@buckinstitute.org

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