From the Andersen Lab

Julie Andersen, PhDThe Andersen lab has welcomed new postdoctoral fellow Christopher Lieu to its team of scientists.  Dr. Lieu got his PhD in neuroscience from the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine.  His dissertation focused on molecular pathways involved in the disease-based and treatment-induced involuntary, repetitive and persistent movements associated with Parkinson’s disease.

At the Buck, Dr. Lieu is participating in a collaborative project involving the Andersen, Campisi and Melov labs. Researchers are focusing their efforts on understanding how “inflamm-aging” in one tissue (in this case the brain) may make older individuals more susceptible to other age-related disorders such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. Buck faculty Julie Andersen has coined the project “Damage at a distance: how aging and disease interact.” The hypothesis is that the development of a “first” age-related pathology can interact with the basic aging processes to accelerate the development of subsequent age-related diseases. Researchers propose that this damage could be generated when cells damaged by local age-related processes release inflammatory factors called cytokines. The release of these inflammatory “damage signals” could spread to neighboring cells within the same tissue, eventually setting up a systemic response that would affect tissues elsewhere in the body. 

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