Acorn Society Attracts New Members

Acorn Society LuncheonInspired by the meaning behind the saying “mighty oaks from little acorns grow”—and by the fact that acorns grow into long-lived trees—the Buck Institute’s Acorn Society took root in 2004 with nine charter members.

Today, after mighty growth, the society boasts 410 members from California to Lebanon. “And that’s just the beginning,” says Buck Institute Director of Regional Development Masha Shifs, who has managed the progrm since its inception. She notes that the group is expanding exponentially as members invite friends to share  in the satisfaction and excitement of supporting internationally respected research on aging.

Acorn membership starts with a gift of $250 or more to the Institute. Donations are unrestricted, and Institute leaders direct funds where they most effectively support the scientists working to unlock the biological mysteries of aging.

Members are invited to speaker luncheons and seminars, where they hear about scientific developments and upcoming changes at the Institute before news is announced to the public. In addition, Acorn members enjoy reserved seating at community seminars, are recognized in the Institute’s Honor Roll of Donors and receive a pewter acorn pin to wear to Institute events.

To learn more about joining the Acorn Society or to give the gift of membership, please contact Maureen Reyes at (415) 209-2053 or 

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