Dear Friends of the Buck,

I am tremendously excited by what I have learned during my first three months at the Institute. Our science and our people are truly exceptional! I am convinced that we are in a unique position to take advantage of opportunities and to meet challenges that lie ahead.

Here’s what’s driving my enthusiasm:

An $11 million gift from the Buck Board of Trustees, which established the Leadership Campaign, enables me to set a fresh course for the Institute. I plan on hiring faculty who have both research and clinical experience. My goal is to have all of our research be directly relevant to human health and to do whatever I can to translate our basic discoveries into treatments.

I want to bolster our research portfolio to include more diseases of aging. I want our researchers to be able to access and develop the most sophisticated technologies to support rapid progress. Ultimately I want our campus to include a building uniquely dedicated to human research on aging, including a clinical center.

I welcome you to join in supporting our endeavors. I look forward to meeting you and expanding the community of those engaged with our science. If you want to be excited about the future, the Buck is the place to be!

Warm regards,

Eric Verdin, MD
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